Hi, I’m Maria Laurin

Small business owner, former host, and founder of the Handmade CEO podcast. After 3 years of being behind the mic, I’m back to writing and sharing posts about Home, Food and Travel!


As we transition my parents to live with us, I’ll also pull back the curtain on the real-life chaos of building an addition and being a multigenerational household!


Lucky for all of us, for over 30+ years, my dad was a sous chef! I can’t wait to share his recipes right here on the blog. I’ll also mix in some of my time-saving favorites!


I’m gearing up to visit all 50 states before I turn 50! With a bit of luck, I’ll make it and bring you along the way! (read this post for the backstory) If you’re looking to do the same or maybe just looking for midwest travel tips and itineraries, I’m your girl!

I hope you'll find inspiration from our home, our table and our travels!