Cornbread Recipe-Dairy Free & Gluten Free

This recipe has quickly become a family favorite.  Although it is dairy-free and gluten-free, you could easily substitute if you don’t have dietary restrictions.

about Gluten Free Flour

In the past, the thing that always kept me from gluten-free baking was all of the ingredients!  



Now I use a gluten-free flour mix like this one.  I like that the xanthan gum is already included.  


If you’re looking to cut out a few steps, I would definitely give an already blended flour mix a try!

the Best Dairy-Free Butter

As far as the dairy-free butter alternatives, I like to use Earth Balance.  I really can’t tell the difference in taste, and it behaves exactly like butter! 

And now for the recipe!  

Feel free to make this in a cast-iron pan, muffin pan, or the standard 8×8 pan.

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