Hello World…It’s me again!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted and it’s my first post on this site…it kinda seems like a first date.  I have the jitters, but know it’s time to make the leap.  Do you remember my first site Willow and Bee?  It had a ton of everything going on.  It was a ‘lifestyle blog’ meets ‘look at the stuff I sell’.  At some point one of my husband’s clients looked at my page and asked “why is it a jewelry site, but features recipes?”  I guess I hadn’t really thought about it that way.  I was looking at my site as a place to explode with all the things that I was doing and selling.  That little question started a long and laboring process to create two pages.  One page is Willow and Bee, where I sell my jewelry.  The other page is Maria Laurin, where I can be creative with my sharing and show you some behind the scenes at Willow and Bee!

My old blog site

Okay…so maybe there was a lot going on on the old site

In order to get everything squared away, I stopped blogging and took time to consider what I really wanted to write about.  Through this sabbatical I learned two very important things.  One is that any time that I met someone that had aches and pains I would ask “have you tried going paleo?”.  I also found that if I met anyone that creates or makes things I instantly ask “are you selling online?”.  I truly feel that those two questions fuel my fire.  It’s the changes that I made in my diet and the ability to sell online that has given me a new lease on life AND I want everyone to try it!  What could be better than having good health and making money doing something that you are good at or enjoy doing?

Warsaw by carriage

A fun carriage ride in Warsaw

If you’re ready to get your handmade business on line, want to learn about traveling and keeping it paleo, or maybe you just need a little peek at how to save time while pushing through life, you’re at the right place!

Willow and Bee Office

My basement office/studio…why can’t it always be this tidy?

I look forward to posting on this new page, to the upcoming podcast, and to all of the fun that I’m sure we’ll have!

Just curious…are you thinking about selling on line?  Do you eat paleo? Are you in love with travel?

I’d love to hear from you and believe me-we will ALL learn from your great questions!

In Oklahoma ready for the fair!

Happy in Oklahoma

Until next time my friend…

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