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If you’re reading this in real-time, IT’S TIME TO THAW THE TURKEY IN THE FRIDGE!  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been blessed to have a father who is a retired chef.  He makes the main dishes for Thanksgiving but lets us bring a few side dishes to the table.  This year I am in charge of the salad, cranberry sauce, asparagus, ham, and Justen is making gluten-free dairy-free biscuits.

thanksgiving planning worksheet

Although dad does most of the heavy lifting, I still need a simple system to keep things organized.  I suppose I could use an app to keep track of the menu; the truth is, I love to write and make lists! When my dad was working as a chef, he explained that all the planning started with a function sheet.  This sheet had every event listed.  From there, he would create his work list.  This work list would have the items needed for a particular party/event.  Lastly, there was a requisition sheet that they used to place food orders.  I suppose hearing all of this inspired my love for making lists, not to mention the daily list that I would see my dad write out at home.

party planning worksheet

This printable worksheet is meant to be used like my dad’s work list; it’s great for any occasion.  You can use the columns to list menu items, who is bringing what, or items that you need to buy.  I like to add notes about games that are necessary to bring, as a reminder to start infusing water with fruit by a specific time, when to put out appetizers, etc.  The day of the event, and for a week leading up to it, this sheet is handy for me to add to or make notes on.  I guarantee it will help you get everything in order and will free up your mind from having to “remember to” or “don’t forget.”

thanksgiving meal planner

Dad in his Pheasant Run apron, ready to carve the turkey.

A few things to remember to do or to try this year on Thanksgiving:

1. Print out a handful of thankful for cards.  Ask each guest to fill out and share before dinner.

2. Bring a new game to play after dessert.

3. Create a new dish to try.

4. Pick names for Secret Santa gifts.

5. Play Thanksgiving trivia, here’s a great link full of fun facts.

Thanksgiving Planning Sheet


I hope your Thanksgiving is full of blessings, love, friends, and family.  “We must find the time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” – JFK


Party Planning Sheet

Party Planning Sheet – Click to print.



Thankful for Cards

Thankful for Cards – Click to print.

Here’s the link to my cranberry sauce recipe…enjoy!




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